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Watson Capstone Projects is a collaborative effort between engineering companies, nonprofit organizations, and the Watson School's Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and other departments. Students work in cooperation with industry, other external sponsors and clients, and internal university organizations on these design projects. Each team is assigned a Faculty Advisor, and teams sponsored by engineering companies have an Industry Mentor.

Project teams typically consist of 3-5 of engineering seniors. All Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering seniors participate, and some Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, General Engineering Minor, and Computer Systems seniors join these project teams.

Our interdisciplinary students teams spend two semesters applying their technical knowledge and creative minds to real engineering problems. They start by outlining specifications, proposals, time schedules, paper designs, and partial prototypes. Teams meet periodically with their client to review designs, provide written and oral progress reports, and then give a design presentation at the culmination of the Fall semester. During the Spring semester, students fabricate and test a final prototype, and finish with a project report and presentation. Evaluation is based on individual and team performance.

Our Master Statement of Work defines the classic development process that WCP teams follow, preparing them to learn modern variations once they begin their engineering career. The WCP Common Data Requirements List that accompanies it specifies what team data item submittals are required, and when they are due.

The Watson Project Labs house all our project teams and the equipment supporting them. The Watson Fabrication Lab has "teaching technicians" in residence to guide students in parts making. The main Watson Capstone Projects Lab has a diverse set of benchtop electronics equipment and work space for the majority of the teams. Other Watson Project Labs have space for larger projects and for the extended teams of projects going to competitions.

Project Sponsorship

We invite engineering companies to sponsor a project for senior engineering students to work as a design challenge to their company’s benefit, whether it be towards an internal goal or their own community outreach. We also welcome informal submissions from non-profit client organizations, as we may be able to line up a sponsor for their project.

Jack Maynard
Director, Watson Capstone Projects

Please submit your project proposals to Watson.Capstone@Binghamton.edu, using the WCP Project Proposal Form - External. Call or email if you have any questions. Thanks!

Jack Maynard

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office Location: ES-2334
Phone:  607-777-2023
E-mail:  jmaynard@Binghamton.edu

More Info

The WCP Events calendar shows due dates and events common to all teams.

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