Watson Capstone Projects - Faculty Info

ECE/ME Senior Design (EECE 487/ME 493 and EECE 488/ME 494)

Our multi-disciplinary teams of senior Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering students spend two semesters applying their technical knowledge and creative minds to real engineering problems. Each team is assigned a Faculty Advisor from the ECE or ME department; our department chairmen have provided guidelines for the advisors.

The Course Syllabus applies to both semesters and both the ECE and ME departments.

Project Proposals

Help make the Senior Design courses a success by proposing some interesting, challenging projects for our student teams. The projects can be related to your research or can be on another topic that is of interest to you, including personal projects, or to your students. (Student-initiated projects must be proposed by a faculty member or an industry sponsor). Project teams typically consist of 3-5 seniors and are interdisciplinary.

More Info

WCP.Binghamton.edu/info provides links to our WCP Student Info shared folder and Senior Design / WCP Calendar for use during the academic year.

See also our departments' web pages: ECE Capstone Projects and ME Senior Capstone Design .